We are living in a society constructed to trap humanity inside of an endless rat race, one which places material wealth at the height of worth and forces all people into either an empty pursuit of that which is ultimately worthless or a constant fight for survival, all to feed the greed of the wealthy and powerful few. Perpetually distracted by false pursuits of happiness, we have collectively lost sight of our true purpose- to freely experience this life to its fullest potential and to invest our energy into positive construction, evolving into the people we are truly meant to be. Those who control the game; they will stop at nothing to seize ultimate power even at the expense of the planet itself. Using their military industrial complex, manipulated currency systems, religious institutions and other systems of mass control, the ultra powerful have waged a mind war against human kind and intend on marching us willfully into complete enslavement. It is time now to unite together as one people and evolve in one shared effort to create a better society, built upon empathy and free from manufactured division. To those who hear the calling of their hearts, let this music create a space where you can find others who will aid you on this journey of truth we share. We are here for you, and together we have the power to change things. Together we can break free.

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