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SLAVE is the creative alias of Atlanta native David Timko, whose artistic visions are rooted in a classical piano upbringing and an entry into rave culture at a young age. Since his early days as a vinyl DJ, David's expressive nature has aided his evolution into a self-taught bass music producer, performer, instructor, and event promoter, cultivating a local community of bass music lovers in Ohio for nearly a decade. His purpose-driven sound covers a broad spectrum of contrasting emotional themes while fusing orchestral elements into the experimental, taking listeners on an amorphic storytelling journey.

David’s journey into production emerged around the same time as the rise of the aggressive Dubstep movement in North America, influencing his signature heavy sound. His early years saw steady growth with original releases, hit live performances, curated renegade gatherings, and even film scores on national TV.


In 2017, he was approached by Bassnectar who did an edit of “Breakthrough", marking a pivotal path in his career and launching him into an exciting new chapter. The track has since been incorporated into massive curated sets such as Bass Center, Eclipse Festival, Freestyle Sessions, and Spring Gathering. SLAVE also holds an official remix of Liquid Stranger’s “Fist of Fury” and was a recent winner in a Levitate remix contest hosted by Block Society. Platforms such as The EDM Network, The Untz, Headbang Society, Respect My Region, ThatDrop, Pantheon, and Conscious Electronic have all given him additional coverage and support reflective to his hard work.

In 2018, SLAVE co-founded the rapidly growing label and collective Rapture Studios, run with with the intention of creating a massive platform to showcase talented experimental bass music producers from across the globe to a passionate audience. Fast forward to 2020 and SLAVE just dropped a collab with dubstep heavyweight Conrank on the legendary label Wakaan. Today, he can often be seen performing as direct support for pioneering artists or headlining bass music events and festivals across the US and now Mexico, having recently played at Bassnectar's Deja Voom inaugural lineup. While building upon his own creative work, David continues working to bring artists together and create safe spaces for radical self-expression.

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SKisM, Liquid Stranger, Doctor P, DJ Craze, 12th Planet, Savant, Pegboard Nerds, Adventure Club, Dieselboy, UZ, Levitate, Kai Wachi, ETC! ETC!, Angerfist, Roevy, Blockhead, Corporate, Gangsta Fun, um.., Bleep Bloop, Autoerotique, Conrank, The Widdler, Laika Beats, ill.Gates, Of The Trees, Huxley Anne, TLZMN, Jantsen, Tsimba, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Sayer

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