(regarding the name)

When I started this project over a decade ago I was going through a period of waking up to the realities of life behind the facade that society portrays to the masses. I was deep into conspiracies theories, although I try to stay away from the term for obvious reasons. Unfortunately after the events of the past 5 or so years it seems that much of society collectively has stopped caring to pay attention to what happens behind the scenes of power. Worn out and  exhausted by the far-right movement, the growing community of truth seekers has been stained with affiliations to hate and intolerance, largely discrediting it's work as a whole and prompting further dismissal any potential hidden truths that may be (and have been) uncovered. 


It’s very possible that this was the plan all along- to place someone into power who would appeal to the worst parts of us and ignite the flames of fanaticism, fueled by conspiracy and coupled with hatred and fear. In doing so, it became possible to mask the growing threat of information availability and dismantle a community of free thinkers from within their own ranks. Always remember - knowledge is power. After the fact, much possibility of the masses waking up to the horrific realities of our exploitive enslavement system were stamped out, at least for now. It is not my intention to stoke fear but to continue to inform, unite, and speak out against what I have always seen as a growing system of complete control and domination of humanity by the outdated power structures we have in place today.


In regards to racism: While I deeply empathize with those who speak against my using of this name I chose to continue forward because the message of it still rings as true today as it did when I began, and louder than ever. I want to first say that I have learned much over the past couple of years in regards to race in America through the Black Lives Matter movement of which I am a vocal and active supporter. I believe racial injustice, inequality and division is one of the primary ways those who control our society maintain their hold over the masses and must be fought against at every turn and opportunity. Many leaders are left over from a time when white supremacy dominated this country and it's roots still run very deep today. I understand my privilege as a white man living in this country and mean not to disrespect in using the word slave at the front of all that I'm doing with this project. It is such to call out what we're fighting in a way that is loud and direct. I also believe my position of privilege gives me a unique opportunity to use my voice and platform as an ally to lift up black voices and reach some who may not otherwise be exposed to them, and to speak against oppressive norms of those who look like me. These are a few of the many purposes of the name. It is deeply unfortunate given the time and place that we have such a painful and recent history of slavery in the country I was born in. My view since the very beginning has been that the enslavement system spans broadly across every aspect of our society and institutional racism is one of several facets by which this system operates. Those who were/are pro-slavery may have lost that exact battle but still exist in great numbers and continue to do all they can to suppress our black and minority populations however possible. For this history and current situation I am deeply sorry and ashamed. I hope those critics can find a place of understanding and accept the intentions I have always had to use my position of privilege to help be an ally to black leaders and voices whenever possible. If not I hope we can engage is thoughtful and respectful dialogue so that we can continue to learn and grow together instead of become further divided, which only hurts everyone.

The slave system includes race, but is much bigger than race alone.

By analyzing various leaked information of the past decades any seeker of truth can paint a broad picture of the situation we collectively face- those who hold power care only to increase their power and wealth at any expense, even in the face of destroying the planet itself. Such is evident in countless ways- from the total surveillance state and militarization of police forces, to the shutting out and demonizing of grassroots political and social movements, to revolving door politics and corporate oligarchy, to war for profit, to the school to prison pipeline and prison labor, to the absolute destruction of the planet for worthless money, the list goes on and on. The entire system is rigged and the masses are played like game pieces. "They" do not care about any of us, and that fact should unite all of us.


Luckily, the old world is dying at an increasing pace, and through the collective evolution of consciousness we have a chance to unite, harness the incredible new technological tools at our disposal, and build a completely new culture and way of being centered on equal rights, care and opportunity for every single human while respecting nature and nurturing the incredible planet we are so lucky to inhabit. This is the only way forward and we can only achieve this outcome by setting aside our differences for the common good of the whole. This is about a future built on principals of equality and respect and the survival of this world depends on it. We can not wait around for those who have shown their endless greed and self-serving corruption to do the right thing. They have already shown they only intend to hold on to power as long as they can, in part by keeping us turned against one another at any cost.


Through this music platform I hope to contribute my part to a greater movement and help shift our society further towards ideals of decentralization and empathy. I hope to inspire others to become aware of this urgent moment we face and do what they can to contribute as well. Time truly is running out. Don't let anyone convince you that you don't have the power to change things. I believe underground music and art culture has a unique strength to form powerful bonds through our shared love of these experiences and thus an opportunity to lead by example for the rest of the world to see. I invite you to learn and grow with me, organize with me, and utilize this platform I’m creating to help make a positive impact on the world. That's what it's here for. I am incredibly grateful for the support you all have shown me and my art, and I am equally grateful for the opportunity to use my skills and talents in meaningful ways. Thank you for being here. Together we will break free.


- David